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Mathematics Extension and Enrichment Classes for Yr 3-6

About Us

Who We Are

Extend Education is a newly established Maths enrichment program designed to engage and challenge young minds to think, reason and solve problems in a fun and exciting way.

Our Courses

Each 10-week course has a strong emphasis on problem-solving, and will teach your child skills that will be necessary beyond the classroom. Qualities like curiosity, creativity and thinking outside the box will be the basis of each activity. 

Unique Lessons

Intended for the gifted child, our courses have plenty of open-ended questions and activities that go beyond the NSW Maths syllabus. Rather than telling students how to find the answer, your child will be encouraged to figure out the rules on their own! 


General Information

Extend Education offers Maths enrichment courses on the weekend for primary aged students. 

All courses run for 10 weeks during term time. 

Classes are one hour in length and are held every Saturday in St Ives Library's Meeting Room.

  • Years 3 and 4 – Saturday 2:00-3:00 pm
  • Years 5 and 6 – Saturday 3:30-4:30 pm

Years 3-4

Students will cycle through 8 courses over a 2-year period. All courses are stand-alone courses and require no prior knowledge. 


The first course on offer in Term 3 2018 for students in Years 3 and 4 is Gamma

Our first class will be Saturday 28th July, 2018.

Years 5-6

Students will cycle through 8 courses over a 2-year period. All courses are stand-alone courses and require no prior knowledge. 


The first course on offer in Term 3 2018 for students in Years 5 and 6 is Mu.

 Our first class will be Saturday  28th July, 2018.


How do you differ from other tutoring centres?

We are unlike any tutoring centre or franchise. Our focus is on providing an extension and enrichment program that goes beyond the NSW syllabus to engage and challenge gifted students.

Our aim is not to identify areas of weakness, nor to provide drill and practice tasks. We will not be teaching year-appropriate content that students will otherwise get in their regular school classroom. 

Can you tell me more about courses fees?

Courses run for 10 weeks, according to the NSW public school calendar, and is taught by a qualified, accredited Maths teacher. 

Each 10-week course costs $400. Enrolment in confirmed once payment is received. Course fees are non-refundable, and cover all necessary equipment and materials. 

A one-off $40 enrolment fee is charged to all new students.

I’m not sure if my child is gifted in Maths, but they would really enjoy this program. Can we join?

Absolutely! All activities will be accessible to all students regardless of their level of giftedness or ability. 

As long as there is a keen interest on behalf of the student to participate and engage in class, that’s all we ask. 

If you have any concerns you'd like to discuss with our team, please contact us today. 

Does my child need to know anything specific before enrolling in a course?

No. Each course is a stand-alone course and all students will learn as they progress through the course. 

Will there be homework?

Homework tasks may be given from time to time, but they are completely optional. The nature of these tasks will be to investigate or explore an idea, or come up with a creative solution to a problem. Homework will not be a drill and practice task as we are not a tutoring centre.

What if I know we will be away for part of the school term?

If you are aware of an extended period of absence (e.g. family holiday), please let us know of your leave dates upon re-enrolling for the upcoming term. A maximum of two week's fees can be reduced, and enrollment maintained, if you let us know of the leave of absence upon enrolling. 

Sick days or last-minute cancellations are unfortunately non-refundable.

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